Drug Possession

Drug Possession Attorney in Hermitage, PA

Hiring an experienced drug possession attorney can be the difference between being found guilty and getting a second chance
Drug possession is a serious charge. Even first time offenders can face everything from large fines, prison time, or a license suspension, if found guilty. There are several types of drug convictions in the state of Pennsylvania, some of which can lead to a felony charge and serving time in prison. 

Possession With Intent to Deliver (PWID)

 Charged with the intent to sell, share, distribute, manufacture or grow illegal drugs or a controlled substance. This type of charge is a felony and, if found guilty, you face several years in prison.


Charged with possession of illegal drugs like marijuana, psychedelics like LSD, acid or mushrooms, crack, cocaine, ecstasy, or heroin. If found guilty, you can receive penalties, fines and possibly jail time.

Prescription Medication

It is illegal to share or sell prescription medications, as well as possessing them without a legal prescription. These medications include Xanax, Adderall, Oxycontin and Vicodin. If found guilty, you can receive anything from fines to an extended jail sentence.

Why Hire a Drug Possession Attorney?

If you’ve been charged with drug possession in Hermitage, PA, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to handle your case. Being found guilty of a drug crime can have negative effects on your ability to get a job, buying a home and much more. Just because you’ve been charged with drug possession doesn’t mean you’re guilty – that’s why it’s so important to hire an attorney that will fight for your rights.

Michael T. Muha is a criminal defense attorney in Hermitage, PA that has experience with drug possession cases. He is passionate about helping people get a second chance because sometimes good people make bad decisions. Don’t let your fate end up in the hands of someone with no experience in drug law, or someone who doesn’t care about what happens to you. Contact Law Office of Michael T. Muha today.



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