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The Law Office of Michael T. Muha, Esquire

Integrity above all.

Proudly Serving Western Pennsylvania.

Intelligent, caring, and honest legal representation. 

The Law Office of Michael T. Muha is dedicated to providing intelligent, caring, honest, and affordable legal representation to the residents of Western Pennsylvania. 

If you find yourself needing representation because you are: 

Accused of a crime; 
Needing representation in a custody, support, or a Protection From Abuse hearing; 
Seeking a divorce;
Seeking assistance with estate planning, like the creation of simple wills and powers of attorney; 
Starting a business and you need help with the "red tape";
Seeking help regarding your landlord/tenant relationship, or; 
Seeking representation in an employment discrimination action, The Law Office of Michael T. Muha, Esquire can help. 

At the Law Office of Michael T. Muha, Esquire, we take a client-first approach by building an attorney-client relationship through empathy and trust. Attorney Muha prides himself on understanding a client's needs and providing the best legal representation suited to the client's needs and their income level. 

Our office understands that entering the justice system is a scary proposition for most, so that's why Attorney Muha provides each and every client with respect and trust and treats every client as a human being, not as a potential windfall or a criminal.  Attorney Muha has dedicated his life to the law and will not waiver in representing you in your time of need. 

We currently accept clients in the following counties: Mercer, Lawrence, Crawford, Erie, Venango, Butler, Beaver, Allegheny, and Clarion. If you feel that you need legal representation, please do not hesitate to contact The Law Office of Michael T. Muha, Esquire either by his office phone at (724) 301-6967 or e-mail at 

You can also contact Attorney Muha by clicking on the Contact link to the left and filling out the form on the Contact page.