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Ending a marriage is a difficult decision, no matter the reason for separation. The stresses of divorce can disrupt your home life, career, as well as impact your financial future, and the future of your family. You may have many questions such as who is responsible for property, debts, spousal or child support. When you need answers, it is important to have a skilled divorce lawyer you can turn to for legal advice. 

If you need assistance understanding the divorce process, or you and your partner cannot agree on key issues, it may be necessary to hire an experienced divorce lawyer who will fight for your rights. At the Law Offices of Michael T. Muha, Esquire, we are here to help guide our clients through the divorce process, and if possible, find an amicable resolution. 

No matter what your circumstances may be, Attorney Muha is here to represent your best interests. From filing for divorce, to determining alimony, property division, and child support, he is prepared to handle every aspect of divorce proceedings. 

Divorce can take an emotional toll on both parties, especially when children are involved. When you need a compassionate family law attorney with experience in cases regarding child custody, call the Law Offices of Michael T. Muha, Esquire, today. 

Secure the Legal Representation of Michael T. Muha

With experience in both family law, divorce, and child custody, Michael T. Muha offers compassionate legal advice and support for even the most trying of cases. If you have questions, please call 724-675-5227 for a free consultation.


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